10 Awesome Moments in Crete

A bit of a change from my usual book review posts but I’ve recently come back from a week in Crete and I wanted to share with you some of my favourite moments from my trip!

So let’s start with number 1…

1. Going the beach

I’m a huge fan of sitting on my backside tanning myself (…but only if I’ve got a book) and so we spent quite a few afternoons just lounging about down at the beautiful beaches.

It was nice because you had the choice of sandy beaches or pebbles beaches. The sandy beaches were perfect for the casual stroll from the sunbed into the sea to cool my feet down, which was slight more difficult on the pebbled beach BUT the stones glinting through the sea water was so stunning to look at that it was difficult to decide which I preferred!

2. A trip to Aios Nikolas

One morning we all trooped to the bus station and caught a bus to Aios Nikolas…. I must say I’d give Crete top marks for their bus service, they’re efficient, extremely clean and fully air conditioned… when we arrived we walked down about a hundred steps until we got to this beautiful spot (see picture), it was so idealic and peaceful. We went for a dander around the town and I picked up a hand painted dish before we had a delicious lunch in a place that was a secret find located off the bustly main streets. On our way back we spotted a bar at the top of the steps that looked over the boats…. it was such a calming place!

3. A trip to Heraklion

On another of our adventurous days, we took a bus to Heraklion to visit the market. The market was HUGE and full of fruits, vegetables, clothes etc. but sadly not many touristy gifts so we ventured up the hill to the town centre where I could have spent HOURS exploring all of the side streets! We eventually went back down the hill; on the other side, to the ‘sea fortress’. It was a fascinating place with room after room filled with history although I think my favourite part was timing when to run and miss a wave on the walk around the fortress.

4. Saying hello to all the animals

I’m a huge animal lover so when I’m on holiday I can’t help but say hello and stroke the cats and dogs. Crete was overflowing with stray cats, this little one below nearly broke my heart…. look at those ‘puss in boots’ eyes!

5. Having a tipple in a bonkers irish bar

On our way back from a meal in the old town of Hersonissos, we came across an irish bar and decided to stop for one. The place was bonkers! The walls and ceiling was packed with shirts, number plates, horseshoes, maps and plenty of other random things! It was definitely a place I won’t forget! When we arrived there was paper and a pen on each table so we thought we’d interrupted a quiz but it turned out they were used for requesting songs from the DJ! I was quite chuffed that I managed to hear six of my recommendations by the time we left!

6. Eating tonnes of seafood spaghetti

I’m a huge fan on seafood spaghetti especially when I’m staying somewhere that is on the coast. I had the dish three times while I was over there; each from a different place and each done completely differently! Yummy!

7. Visiting the Lychnostatis Open Air Museum
I always try and visit either a museum or a historical place of interest when I’m visiting somewhere for the first time…. so I suggested a trip to the open air museum and everyone agreed to it! I have to admit it’s a completely different experience to a city museum as it lacks the modern tools used to entertain visitors but nevertheless I learnt a lot! I enjoyed finding out the history of the island and seeing how both the rich and the poor would have lived in the past.

8. Letting some fish nibble my feet!

As I walked down the streets in Hersonissos, I couldn’t help but notice the number of fish spas and since I’ve never done it before I had a ‘when in Rome’ moment and decided I would give it a go for €5 for 20 minutes! For the first few minutes I giggled like a little girl as I found the feeling extremely ticklish but once I settled in I began to enjoy it! It was a great experience and the fish did a good job!

9. Sipping on lots of cocktails

I love having cocktails on holiday (and at home too!) and I was spoilt for choice in every restaurant and bar! Each drink was presented beautifully and I still can’t decide if my favourite was a strawberry daiquiri or a mojito I had down the beach!

Finally number 10… a bit of a random one but alas…

10. Being lulled into relaxation by a water wall

I mentioned in number 2 that we had lunch in a gorgeous restaurant in Aios Nikolas and it wasn’t just the food that made the place great! The water wall created the most peaceful background noise and left us all feeling chilled and slightly sleepy!

Until next time,

Chloé x

P.S. I’ve just remembered… you never needed to order a dessert over there! They always brought over fruit and sometimes ice cream after the main… AMAZING!

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