September Favourites

I can not believe it’s October already!!! I’m sad to see summer go but I’m excited by all the fantastic things that Autumn and Winter bring…. Halloween, Christmas, excuses to eat ample amounts of chocolate, the lights, the warm hats and scarves…. it’s not all bad!!

On to my favourites….

Favourite Book – The Forgetting Time


Of all the fantastic books I’ve read this month, this by far has been my favourite. I just loved the quirkiness of it all with the factual research being stitched in to an already carefully thought out plot.

Favourite Movie – Bridget Jones’s Baby

What a laugh I had watching this with my mum, the whole audience was laughing for 70% of the movie!! It’s definitely more girly than the last two so I was quite glad I didn’t drag my fiancée or dad to the cinema but it’s packed full of ‘Bridget moments’ and has McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy so one couldn’t complain!

Favourite TV Show – Agatha Raisin

Bake off is still THE highlight of my week but I’ve been searching for something that would be as funny and non-complicated as Ugly Betty and I stumbled upon Agatha Raisin. It’s a murder solving show based on the book series with a lightness and jovial atmosphere plus coincidently it’s got Christina from UB in it! Hooray!

Favourite New Purchase – Papergang Subscription


I’ve finally entered the subscription box world and of course I had to start with stationery. I’ve been obsessed with stationery since before I can remember, as a kid I used to save up my pocket money so I could buy scented gel pens, pencil cases and notebooks … as I progressed into teenager years my obsession turned to sticky notes, diaries and folders … and now?! Well I haven’t changed much! So when this lovely box ended up in my hands I was incredible excited! The cards and wrapping paper are of course very practical but what caught my attention were the sticky notes; as they’ll be a fun way to cheer people up in work, and the planner is fantastic as it’s not date set so I can start it whenever I want and if I want to quit it for a few weeks that’s ok too!

Favourite Memory – Being on Holiday


I know this is a rather long memory but if I look back on what’s been good this month, having a holiday was just what I needed. If you want specifics of why I loved the holiday check out my 10 Awesome Moments in Crete

Favourite Product – Molton Brown Bursting Caju and Lime Bath and Shower Gel

It’s on the pricey side but my God does it smell incredible! I come out the shower feeling clean and smelling devine (is if I do say so myself). The tiny blue and green beads look aesthetically pleasing but they also feel lovely as they burst on your skin.

Until next time, Chloé x

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