January Favourites

Just a quick favourites update as I’m finding blogging a bit of a chore lately…

Favourite Book – Station Eleven

It was such a nice change to enjoy a post-apocalyptic plot!

Favourite Movie – My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

It was such a feel good movie and definitely as good as the first! It may have helped that I had home baked apple and toffee cookies to nibble on whilst I watched it…

Favourite TV Show – Death in Paradise

Oh. How this Caribbean detective show brightens up the cold January days!

Favourite New Purchase – New Yellow Wallet

Soooo yellow is my fave colour… when I spotted a wallet that was bright yellow, I couldn’t resist it! Every time I look in my black bag, it’s like there’s a sun shining up at me!

Favourite Memory – Binge watching Lost

I have been obsessed with Lost the past few weeks and watching it with my fiancé, sharing reactions, staying up late and discussing plot twists has been such a nice way to relax!

Favourite Product – Clinique Anti-Blemish 3 step skin care

By god does this stuff work! I suffer from spots around my t-zone and have struggled to find something that would actually prevent me from getting anymore. My mum bought me the products as a Christmas present and I’ve been using them ever since…. and they work! I’ve had only one spot in the last 4 weeks which is a huge improvement!

Let me know if you’d be interested in a blog post on my skin care routine!

Until next time, Chloé x



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  1. Question for you! How did you cartoonify the picture for this post? I like the styling!


  2. 1. I loved MBFGW2, so cute and fun!! It’s a movie that makes me smile every time I watch it 🙂
    2. I have been considering a Lost re-watch and I am THIS close to throwing it on my laptop right now.
    3. I absolutely love Clinique and I’ve been considering the 3 step collection, so I would definitely read a review post!!


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