January Favourites

Just a quick favourites update as I’m finding blogging a bit of a chore lately…

Favourite Book – Station Eleven

It was such a nice change to enjoy a post-apocalyptic plot!

Favourite Movie – My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

It was such a feel good movie and definitely as good as the first! It may have helped that I had home baked apple and toffee cookies to nibble on whilst I watched it…

Favourite TV Show – Death in Paradise

Oh. How this Caribbean detective show brightens up the cold January days!

Favourite New Purchase – New Yellow Wallet

Soooo yellow is my fave colour… when I spotted a wallet that was bright yellow, I couldn’t resist it! Every time I look in my black bag, it’s like there’s a sun shining up at me!

Favourite Memory – Binge watching Lost

I have been obsessed with Lost the past few weeks and watching it with my fiancé, sharing reactions, staying up late and discussing plot twists has been such a nice way to relax!

Favourite Product – Clinique Anti-Blemish 3 step skin care

By god does this stuff work! I suffer from spots around my t-zone and have struggled to find something that would actually prevent me from getting anymore. My mum bought me the products as a Christmas present and I’ve been using them ever since…. and they work! I’ve had only one spot in the last 4 weeks which is a huge improvement!

Let me know if you’d be interested in a blog post on my skin care routine!

Until next time, Chloé x

6 thoughts on “January Favourites

    1. I actually did it all using snapchat! When you edit a photo from your album use the paint brush and the cutting tool, the paint brush gives the cool cartoon effect and the cutting tool allows you to add other parts of photos to give a layered effect! Hope this helps 🙂

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  1. 1. I loved MBFGW2, so cute and fun!! It’s a movie that makes me smile every time I watch it 🙂
    2. I have been considering a Lost re-watch and I am THIS close to throwing it on my laptop right now.
    3. I absolutely love Clinique and I’ve been considering the 3 step collection, so I would definitely read a review post!!


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