February Favourites 

Favourite Book – Hold Back The Stars

Just loved this book way too much… it’s romantic, scientific, futuristic and beautifully written.

A little reminder of what I’d said about it in my review:

This story touched my heart. I didn’t intentionally pick it up to read during the Valentine’s Day Week but boy, oh boy, I’m glad I did.

This is the tale of two soul mates that find themselves out in space alone, following the crash of their spaceship. Carys and Max have 90 minutes of oxygen left.

Favourite Movie – The Meddler

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

So… it turns out I only watched two movies in February: The Meddler and Zootropolis (again!!). I’m not gonna lie by putting The Meddler as my favourite, it doesn’t mean it was THAT great but when you only watch two movies and one has already featured in your Favourites…! It’s all about a daughter-mother relationship. When the father/husband passes away, the mother decides to put all of her effort into a daughter… the issue? Her daughter is all grown up AND doesn’t want her mum around. She’s a lovely mum who helps many people in the community and I couldn’t help but fall in love with her. It’s a good movie to watch in the week when you just want to chill and paint your nails, but it’s not Saturday night worthy.

Favourite TV Show – Awkward

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

This has been my guilty little please over the past few weeks. I have been binge watching this on weeknights and have already made it to Season 4! I’m embarrassed by how much I have been enjoying this show. It’s an American show set in a high school. It starts with the main character Jenna receiving a rather nasty letter and whilst she’s reading it she slips and falls whilst holding an open bottle of painkillers… AWKWARDLY everyone thinks she was attempting to take her life. So she goes from being a quiet nobody to the centre of the gossip world. She’s also a blogger!! The characters are so melodramatic, twisted and ridiculous… that when I come to the end of an episode I automatically click onto the next episode. I’m so hooked! I’m currently watching episode 9 (season 4) and am OUTRAGED by what some twisted girl has done at the end of episode 8. If any of you out there have watched this, comment below!

Favourite New Purchase – Jo Malone Leather and Artemisia


I bought this as a little treat for myself and I’ve been wearing it everyday since! It’s not the usual scent that I go for (my favourite is Blackberry and Bay) but I’ve really been loving how it smells on me.

Favourite Memory – Visit to Hatchlands Park

I was struggling to decide on what my favourite memory was from this month. Loads has been going on! I got an award in work which was special. I’m on my second month of invisalign braces on the mission to get perfect teeth for my wedding and the dentist was pleased with my progress. I’ve been going on some fabulous walks with my fiancé at the weekends. I went for a BRILL shopping trip in Westfields and luck was on my side when I entered American Eagle… jeans, four new t-shirts and new pjs!!

Anywhooooo I think one of my favourite walks was last weekend at Hatchlands Park. There was an adorable Sylvanian families walk (for kids!!) where you had to spot them in the trees and there was also a cute woodland area (also for kids!!)… I enjoyed both!

Favourite Product – Max Factor CC Corrects Dark Spots Light

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

I bought this on a whim after I’d heard how well pink corrects dark circles and boy, oh boy do I have them under my eyes! I put this under my eyes at the same time as dotting my foundation around my face, I then blend it all with the Clinique Buff Brush and it seems to do a better job at covering my dark circles than when I just use foundation!

Until next time, Chloé x


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