I couldn’t not pick up this corker after seeing all the hype around it from other bloggers – friends, you were right!

When Jack, Joy and Merry are left in their mother’s broken down car, never did they think she wouldn’t be coming back and yet… after an hour she still hasn’t appeared.

They begin to search for her and find nothing, and when a policeman drives them home, they know in that instant that everything is going to change.

3 years later and the case was never closed, Jack still yearns for the truth and whilst out; doing anything and everything to provide for his sisters, he discovers something…

Meanwhile DCI Marvel has arrived and he wants something juicy to work on, a murder preferably, but all this place is obsessed with is catching “Goldilocks”, a burglar who only steals small things, healthy food and has a tendency to sleep in beds before he leaves. Marvel thinks it’s below him but he needs to get back in London’s good books so he can go back.

From the very start, you know all the different stories are connected but how?

Bauer has created an intrinsically clever plot that sucked me in… I went to bed late, I woke up early, I just HAD to read what happened and quickly!

Compulsive, smart and full of unforgettable characters, this book will make you question whether a bad thing is acceptable, if it uncovers something much greater that could finally bring peace to so many.

I’ve tried my very best to not give anything away in this review as the plot is so blimming fantastic! For any thriller or crime lovers out there – you need to grab this ASAP!

Until next time, Chloé x



Blimming heck did I enjoy this book! I am so pleased to be sharing my review today with you on this fabulous book!

This is no normal thriller. Yes, it’s set in current times. Yes, crimes are solved in the same way. Yes, the characters are all suspicious. But there’s one big difference: memory.

Yap’s imagination has created the ultimate environment to make a thriller even more suspenseful, adults have massive short term memory flaws. An adult is either a mono or a duo, a mono can’t retain more than one day of short term memory whilst a duo can retain two days.

Claire has woken up and she can tell by her puffy eyes that she’s been crying, she checks her iDiary to find out the cause of her tears and there is nothing out of the ordinary. How strange…

What’s even more strange is a body has been found in the water close to their home and her husband; Mark, seems to be acting out of character…

It’s up to DCI Hans Richardson to find out why Sophia is dead and why Mark is being so edgy. What the world doesn’t know is that Hans has a few secrets of his own and the quicker he solves the case, the better.

As I’ve already said, the concept behind this plot is brilliant. The idea that every adult has memory problems makes for an even tenser and suspenseful race against the clock to solve the case.

What makes this plot even juicier is the discovery of Sophia’s iDiary, which fives Hans the perfect opportunity to identify suspects but he gets more than he bargains for, as Sophia does not hold back!

Unbelievably gripping and the perfect page turner! There is no doubt about it, Yap has blown the lid off with her debut and her work sits perfectly next to the greats like Mackintosh, Jewell and Pinborough.

Check out what everyone else is saying about Yesterday on the blog tour:

Yesterday blog tour poster

Thank you to Jenni over at Headline for setting up this blog tour! The paperback is out now!

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The Craftsman

Cast yourself back to October 3rd 2016, I posted a review on Daisy in Chains by Bolton and I finished with:

This book has a ROLLERCOASTER of a plot; it’s full of mystery, plot twists and chilling moments. I’ll definitely be buying more books by Sharon Bolton…

And I’ve kept my word because as soon as The Craftsman hit the shelves in my local supermarket, I grabbed it and stored it in my TBR pile! Once I had finished my commitments to blog tours this was the first bought book that I grabbed and I was so excited to read it. I’m glad to say – it did not disappoint! In fact, my summary of Daisy in Chains above, would fit perfectly to my overall thoughts on this book too!

The Craftsman is told from the perspective of Florence Lovelady, who we join in present day, at the funeral of child murderer Larry Glassbrook; a case she was involved in some 30 years ago. Except after the funeral, she takes a walk down memory lane and discovers a new piece of evidence that casts a doubt in her mind…

Bolton brings us back to 1969 so we can discover first hand the gruesome nature of the crimes and join Florence and her team as they desperately try to solve the crime. Which of course we; as the readers, know the outcome is that Larry is convicted, but are there any clues that might make us think differently….?!

What makes this book even more eerily engrossing is the continuous link to witches, covens and magic; this spins a web of mystery over the plot that makes it even harder to put down.

I loved that Bolton decided to write this tale from a first person perspective. Reading continuously the word “I” makes this book even more of a page-turner, as I felt even more of a connection with Florence. My heart was always racing and I finished this book in a single day, as there was no way I would be able to sleep not knowing what had happened to my dear friend, Florence!

Any thriller lover will absolutely love Bolton’s latest addition as it’s utterly gripping from the very start to the very end! Bolton always seems to have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about each of her plots and this for me, makes her a standout writer in the thriller genre, her skill is unbelievable.

Until next time, Chloé x

An Ocean of Minutes

Welcome to the penultimate day of the blog tour of An Ocean of Minutes and I’m so happy to be hosting this wonderful book today on my blog!

Polly and Frank’s love is about to be tested. Can they still love each other after many years of not seeing each other? When they finally reunite will each have remained committed to one another?

‘Hmmmm’, I hear you murmur, you’re wondering why they’re apart? Why not just be together all the time?

Because Polly has made the ultimate sacrifice for their love. She’s travelled into the future to allow Frank to receive the health care he needs for a deadly virus in present time. Present time being 1980, and the future where Polly should be working is 1993, except last minute she is rerouted to 1998.

For Polly, it’s only a matter of a couple of days until she sees Frank again as they’ve planned their meeting spot for when she appears. But for Frank, it’s a different story, he’s still stuck in 1980, which means he needs to wait 18 years to see her again… will he wait for her?

This story completely pulled at my heartstrings, when Polly arrives in the future she is so desperate to see Frank and when she realises it’s not going to be as easy as they imagined, I really feel for her, her yearning to be reunited with Frank radiates through the pages.

The book flicks back to the late 70s often, to build up how their romance blossomed so you can truly appreciate how special Frank is to Polly; and this really helped build up the suspense to the moment they meet again in the 90s.

I absolutely LOVED Polly as a main character, she’s very easy to warm to as her personality is packed full of desirable qualities such as determination, loyalty, hard working, selflessness and kindness.

Lim’s writing style is formidable, it’s a cathartic vision. There is no way that you can’t get swept up in the love that flows through these pages, but at the same time your brain is introduced to an imaginative alternative to our past, where many parallels can still be drawn with our own past, particularly surrounding race and class.

I finished this book in less than a day and thoroughly enjoyed it, I can’t imagine anyone not being swept up in this moving tale. Check out the final stop on this blog tour tomorrow over on Cesca Lizzie Reads

Blog tour poster.jpg

Thanks to Ana over at Quercus Books for asking me to be involved in such a wonderful blog tour, you really are a super star!

An Ocean of Minutes is out now

Until next time, Chloé x

The Plus One

Oh how I loved you Polly! Polly is the main character in this stonkingly good chick lit, which is Money-Coutts debut as an author, and WHAT a character she has created.

We can all sympathise with Polly, it’s never fun when you’re single and your best friend is getting married, suddenly all you can think about is the fact that you’re in your 30s and you’ve no plus one… and you’re filled with dread at the thought of all the wedding chores you’ll be lumbered with as ‘maid of honour’, and that’s how we’re introduced to Polly.

I warmed to Polly immediately, who couldn’t? She’s got so many qualities that resonate with so many of us, including the daily validation to ourselves of why a calorific croissant is acceptable! And similar to Bridget Jones, Polly finds herself dating a renowned bachelor that goes through girlfriends quicker than I get through a bottle of moisturiser! But will Polly be the one to tame the charming, sexy and ridiculously wealthy Jasper? Will he be buying her a second bottle of her favourite moisturiser… which by the way, she only uses for VERY special occasions!

Whilst her love life seems on the up, Polly still can’t fend off the tears, as her mother is now seriously ill. Susan; her mum, is the definition of a sweetie, she’s thoughtful, kind and always there for Polly. It’s now Polly’s turn to be the strong one and try find the light at the end of the tunnel. The relationship between these two was beautiful to read, like Polly, I’m very close to my mum, and I love reading about similar mummy-daughter relationships.

Luckily Polly has a fantastic network of friends, and Lex, Bill & Joe are there to hold her hand through thick and thin… and even her work colleagues are pretty awesome.

Money-Coutts manages to weave so much ‘realism’ into this book, it’s always linking to the silly traits that we all do in the modern world, for example, how often do we have to fight with ourselves to NOT google illnesses? I do this ALL the time, if I google, I’ll conclude that the worst situation is the one that I’ll be dealt, hence… I’m banned from googling these kind of things… ! Also chicken at a wedding… every blimming time!!

If you’re after a modern chick lit that will make you LOL, this NEEDS to be on your summer TBR list. But maybe don’t suggest it to your mum… I’m not sure I’d want her to be laughing at the same parts as I was…

I picked this up from HQ’s Summer Showcase back in June, such a great event and I had a lot of fun talking to Sophia!

The Plus one will be out in hardback and eBook on 9 August!

Until next time, Chloé x

Q&A with the fabulous @Louise_Lee1

Well today is a very exciting day! It’s the penultimate day on the blog tour for A Whole Lotta Love, and since I’ve already published my review on it, today I’ve got something special for you all… a Q&A with Louise!

Welcome Louise! For the readers out there that haven’t heard of the Florence Love series, can you try and explain it to them in one sentence?

The series follows the fast paced adventures of a shrewd, kooky and very funny private investigator, who – dogged by her mother’s mysterious disappearance – embarks on a personal journey that takes her the length and breadth of Italy.

Congratulations on the publication of A Whole Lotta Love; the third in the series! Fellow bookworms, you can read here my thoughts on the book. Louise, did you know from the very start that you wanted to create this as a series?

Florence knew it, before I did. Her voice and backstory were so strong, I realised quite quickly she wasn’t finished with me yet – she had far too much to say to fit into one book!

You’ve created a main character who is confident, packed full of sass and quick thinking – a woman with a big personality, who will remain highly memorable in my mind – so tell me, what made you decide to call her, Flo?

Despite Flo’s no-BS approach, beneath the surface she is vulnerable and overwhelmed by questions about the human condition. Flo’s job allows her to answer some of those questions, yet, like many women, she’s a far cry from her professional persona. So a girly name reminds us, she’s a girl, I suppose. One of us. It also provides a tangible link to her mother’s homeland; and such a pretty name has to be one a mother thought hard about – meaning that Florence’s mum loved her once.

Do you share any traits with Flo?

Too many. We’re both know-it-alls, spontaneous and excellent at acting brave, even when we’re not. We both have a need to know the answer to everything – whether that be why men are attracted to women who wear peach, or the mechanical workings of a lock pick gun. Essentially, Flo and I are geeks, who need to file life into neat boxes, which is totally impractical – but we’re focused on that end, nonetheless. Loyalty and family values are our driving force. We’re also secretly obsessed with star signs.   

How much do you draw on your own Private Investigator experiences in your writing?

All the time. Not simply for the methods, but for the human stories behind the cases. Being a PI gives you access to all social echelons and, believe me, dirt underlies each of them. Narcissists, pathological liars and functioning sociopaths are frighteningly common. Their stories, along with the people they leave in their wake, provide a lot of creative fodder.

 There’s a significant link to Italy throughout the series for Flo’s mother, is there a particular reason why you chose to set this aspect of the book there?

My mum’s friend lives near Trieste. I had the opportunity to get to know the region really well and it feels like home. It’s so enjoyable writing about places you love – the nostalgia and passion sneak through, I think, which adds authenticity.

What are you working on now – … or is it top secret?

I’ve sold the TV and film rights to the books so, when I haven’t got everything crossed on that front, I plan to write a murder mystery set in Sri Lanka, which I’m very excited to start.

As a reader rather than an author, what books have you been enjoying lately?

Little Deaths by Emma Flint – a classy, atmospheric thriller that keeps you guessing until the last innings. It’s a real page turner and I can’t recommend it enough. Home by Amanda Berriman is another beauty. Its narrator is just four-years-old and gives a compelling and poignant insight into life on the breadline. I’m also currently reading Raising Girls by Steve Biddulph, because I have a five-year-old daughter (going on eighteen), and I need all the help I can get!

Finally, let’s wrap up with some quick fire questions…

Are you a morning or night writer? Night. I’m rarely asleep before 2am.

Laptop or desktop? Laptop. On my lap. Bad habit.

A mug of coffee or tea? Tea (decaffeinated, or I pee all day).

Cuddles from a dog or a cat? My cockapoo puppy, Rosie. I LOVE her cuddles.

Do you like reading an eBook or hard copy? Hard copy. I like the smell.

And… so the readers really get to know you: Takeout – Chinese or Italian? Italiano, naturalmente!

What did you all think of Louise’s answers? Hasn’t she got an amazing personality, I love the warmth in her answers!

Check out the final day on the tour tomorrow!

Until next time, Chloé x A Whole Lotta Love Blog Tour Poster.jpg

A Whole Lotta Love

Flo is determined to find out more about her mother, who vanished into thin air years ago. In the second book; In The Name Of Love, Flo uncovered that her mother is hiding out in Italy. But now she wants all her questions answered and it starts with finding out her mother’s true identity.

Unfortunately, the only person that can tell her this, is her gorgeous Italian ex-boyfriend – Tommaso, and since he made it quite clear she needed to get out of Italy ASAP, she’s not sure quite how accommodating he’ll be when she sees him.

But, ever resourceful, and being a flipping  fantastic private investigator (Flo’s thinking is in my head), she’s managed to source some information that she can use as a bargaining chip…

I can say, hand on heart, I’ve never read such a modern, quirky and refreshing Private Investigator book series, quite like this one. Lee must have had such fun writing this book and the previous two, it really feels like Flo comes alive on these pages and is allowed to run wild and do whatever she wants.

Whilst her main focus is her mum, there are lots of side stories with her lovely brother;  Michael, and some drama with her father’s lover, which will make you raise your eyebrows and have a chuckle.

Flo won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but she was definitely mine. I was trying to think how best to describe her to you all, and then it clicked in my head, she reminds me of how Jessica Jones is played in the Netflix series. Flo might not have super powers, but she definitely has the sass and confidence that Jessica holds.

A Whole Lotta Love is out TODAY (28 June)!

Tune in to my Q&A with Louise Lee on 3rd July!

*Thanks to Jenni Leech over at Headline for sending me a proof copy, so very grateful!*

Until next time, Chloé x

The Optimist Blog Tour

It’s day two on The Optimist Blog Tour and it’s time for me to share my thoughts on this fabulous book!

Tabitha wants to find love. Don’t we all? Haven’t we read a gazillion books that follow a woman as she meets ‘the one’? Except this one is different. I can say, hand on heart, I have never met a character quite like Tabby. Often in reviews, I try to compare a main character with some from other books to help bookworms get an idea of whether or not they’d like a character. But I really, really struggled to think of a character that Tabby is similar too. She is so unique, and because of this, it made this book very special.

Tabby is no ordinary girl. She lives life to the full and whilst some of us day-dream about how we’d take on the day or pursue a guy, Tabby fulfils her imagination by actually doing it in real life, with some rather disastrous results (for those that have read it, I’ll say two words that will have you laughing: Russian Bathhouse).

My favourite character was definitely Milk. Milk, is Tabby’s childhood neighbour who has moved back in with his dad. He’s always been in the friend-zone for her, but he’s a great man to have in your life; calm, always there and saves the day on multiple occasions. I liked the yin and yang vibe of this friendship, they complimented each other so well and brought out the best in one another.

Yes Tabby is delusional, quirky and obsessed with love, but she’s also incredibly selfless and kind. When Tabby meets Randall, a kid from her niece’s school, I don’t think she even realises the difference she’s made to Randall’s life. To me, both Tabby and Milk brought light back into Randall’s life, as it’s clear he gets none of it from his foster parents.

It’s packed full of giggles, moments that will make you raise your eyebrow and the perfect medicine after a long week in work. If you want a chick lit that’s definitely different, this is the one for you!

Here’s a quick look at my other fellow bloggers who will be taking part in this tour over the next week and a bit! Go show them some love on their days!

A HUGE thank you to Anne Carter for arranging this blog tour, her efficiency and friendliness makes these tours run like a charm!

Optimist Blog Tour Poster .jpg

Until next time, Chloé x

How to Keep a Secret

Jenna and Lauren are two sisters living completely different lives.

Lauren is over in London with her husband; Ed, and her daughter; Mack. She’s currently finishing off her courses to allow her to be a full time interior designer, and in the mean time she’s enjoying running her house and meeting her friends.

Jenna still lives on her home island; Martha’s Vineyard, with her husband; Greg, and is close by to see her mum. Except being near by, makes no difference. Her mother – Nancy – doesn’t seem to have any interest in her… always distant and more interested in other families, than her own. Working as a teacher, Jenna is always surrounded by little ones, but it’s all becoming a little too bittersweet, as she’s trying so hard to have one of her own and each month is another set back for her.

From the first few pages, it’s easy to look at Lauren and think how luckier life has been to her, and it has, up until Ed’s 40th birthday, when it all starts to go wrong…

Lauren now finds herself back on Martha’s Vineyard with no husband, no money and no prospects for work… oh and an unbelievably grumpy teenager.

But is it a fresh start or a walk down memory lane…

Firstly, I must start with how much I loved the location setting of this book. I had never heard of Martha’s Vineyard (for those, like me, who aren’t the best at geography – it’s an island off the coast of Massachusetts), and Morgan’s descriptive writing style brought the place alive for me. The sea, the boats, the beaches, the lighthouse, the flowers… I felt like I was right there. The stunning nature of this place provided the perfect backdrop for the main characters to reflect and move forward.

Without trying to give away too much of the plot, I was surprised and pleased by how early on Morgan introduced a certain character from the sisters’ past. Other writer’s might have left the encounter of these characters to a later part of the book, but Morgan dived straight in and I found this really refreshing. There was no build up of the “how will they meet and when”, it was all about the “what’s going to happen next”.

With Lauren now home, there’s another issue that can be tackled – the daughters relationship with their mother. Why is Martha not motherly with them? Why does she seem to not care? Is it just who Martha is as a person? But that can’t be right, because the girls do have some fond memories with their mum from their childhood. So what changed… secrets need to be revealed to piece together the truth. I found the moment that the three women were honest with each other so emotionally empowering. We think we are protecting one another by hiding the truth, but we forget how by keeping the secret, our personalities appear different. I loved that a dwindled relationship was re-lit, and that happier times were ahead.

Without a doubt, Morgan has a skill at really delving into her characters and exploring their emotions, the way she tackled Jenna and Greg’s situation around pregnancy was beautifully done – the ups and downs, the strength of their relationship, the gut-wrenching raw emotions each time a pregnancy test was negative… oh it tugged at my heart strings. I really felt the pain this couple was going through but, I also admired their determination and unity.

There’s also a certain canine character who I fell madly in love with… Captain is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and boy oh boy, was he a cutie. Have a google, they’re gorgeous looking dogs.

Check out what my fellow bloggers thought of this book…SarahMorgan_HowKeepSecret_BlogTour

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