Drift Stumble Fall – Mini Review

Isn’t it just the most satisfying feeling when you read the first page of a new book and instantly know that you’re going to love it? This is exactly how I felt when I began this story.

Richard is restless. All his mind can think of is leaving his life behind. He wants to disappear abroad and live a new life. He’s been feeling like this for a long time. Living with his wife and two kids, just isn’t cutting it anymore. Each time he stares out the window, he sees his neighbour; Bill.

Bill’s life seems far more appealing to Richard – no kids, a tidy house, no job and a wife that seems charming. Albeit, this is what Richard speculates, from just viewing this man’s life through a window.

Bill stares out his window too, his reasons for staring out the window are different from Richard’s, but the key emotion is the same – they are both sad. Whilst they stare at each other, imagining what each other’s lives must be like, neither could ever guess the tormented thoughts that haunt them both.

This plot was utterly captivating. Lee’s writing style captures the raw depth and emotion in each character, creating characters that come alive on the pages.

This book was so much more than a story. It was a moment to reflect on yourself and the people around you. To put things into perspective. To think. I loved it.

I would recommend this to bookworms that love to really get to know their main character and explore their inner thoughts.

*Thank you so much Hideaway Fall for sending me a copy, it really is an utter delight to get to read such fantastic books*

Until next time, Chloé x



Bring Me Back – Book Tour

We are now in the era of psychological thrillers, the anticipation for this genre is like none other. Towards the end of last year, I heard that B A Paris was bringing out her third book and my obsession to get my hands on this book commenced. Getting my hands on a copy for this book tour resulted in shrieks of delight and I’m so pleased that I get to share my review with you all today.


Layla has been missing for twelve years. Twelve years is a very long time, so it’s hardly surprising that Finn (her boyfriend) has moved on. Finn’s engagement to Ellen is the catalyst that causes the past to rear its ugly head. Why now? Why is someone pretending to be Layla, threatening Finn? Could it possibly be because Ellen is Layla’s sister? And what if it actually is Layla? If she’s alive, the truth of the night she went missing may finally come out.


B A Paris’ writing style always seems to create such wonderful suspense from the very first page. It’s the exact same feeling you get when the opening credits start of a movie you’ve been waiting for months to see, that nervous trepidation seeps over you and your body awaits the psychological workout that’s about to unfold.


I loved the fast paced nature of this plot; the chapters were short and oozing with plot twists spurring you on to read just that little bit longer.


I felt Paris’ technique towards plot twists differed from her previous two books; although they all built up to the ultimate twist, Bring Me Back had an abundance of key twists placed sporadically throughout the plot. With twists every few chapters, your mind needs to be on the ball to keep up with the truth.

Bring Me Back hits the book stores on 8 March 2018, so just around the corner – I look forward to analysing this plot with fellow bloggers.

B A Paris is the internationally bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors and The Breakdown. Having sold over one million copies in the UK alone, she is a New York Times bestseller as well as a number one bestseller on Amazon and iBooks. Her books have sold in 37 territories around the world. Having lived in France for many years, she recently moved back to the UK. She has five daughters.

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Thanks HQ for allowing me to be a part of this fantastic tour, and providing me with a paperback copy to review!

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The Memory Chamber – Mini Review

The Memory Chamber is set in the future, where heaven can be whatever you want it to be, as long as you have the money and no criminal record. If you meet the criteria, then you can meet with a heaven architect, who will create your artificial heaven based on your favourite memories, ready for the day you die.

Isobel is a fantastic heaven architect with a great track record, so new client; Jarek, is in good hands.

Isobel adores creating each and every heaven, but her feelings in work are not all positive. Changes in the business go against Isobel’s values and cause a rift, that only increases throughout the book.

Throwing her energy towards her new client seems her only refuge but she’s never allowed herself to get this close before, and feelings develop.

A horrific murder case surfaces that links to Jarek, but with Jarek dead and safely in his new heaven, the police begin to question Isobel to unlock the answers that could be somewhere within Jarek’s mind.

This is a dark and futuristic thriller, with a fast paced plot will keep you up all night. With Isobel being such a likeable main character, I grew defensive when others painted her in the wrong light.

Sometimes with futuristic plots, it takes a while to adjust to new concepts but not in this story, the idea of artificial heavens is explained so logically and clearly, that it felt like a natural step in our future and one that neither scared or confused me.

With the complexity of the characters becoming more apparent the further you read on, you were never quite sure who you could trust until the final page.

This was a fantastic debut novel from Cave, her fresh and unique plot will be remembered by many, and I look forward to seeing more of her work.

The Memory Chamber is out now in hardback, many thanks to Quercus for sending me an advanced copy!

Until next time, Chloé x


The Wildflowers

Let me start by commenting on the gorgeous cover, it really will catch your eye in the shop and make you want to grab it.

Set across a number of decades, this story explores the secrets of the Wilde family.

With many of the characters being involved in the dramatic arts, I thought I might summarise this in a special way…

The main set: The “Bosky” – a holiday home for the Wilde family in Dorset, which has been in Tony’s family for a long time.

The main characters:
Tony – the father; who is coming to the end of his theatrical career and is tortured by his past
Althea – the mother; self absorbed and focused on her career rather than her children
Ben – the son; trying so hard not to be like his father
Cord – the daughter; a diva in her own right, who idolises her dad

Enter a new character to shake it up – Mads. She’s been watching the Wildes from afar, their family life seems so idyllic to her, compared to her shocking lifestyle with an abusive, depressive father.

Mads wants to be a part of their family more than anything but when she gets her wish, she realises it’s not as rosy on the inside.

As the kids grow older and the set changes, more secrets unravel and the past needs to be analysed; but the magical link is the Bosky.

This book was all about exploring the delicate dynamics of love and family.

Both Ben and Cord have their own challenges with their father, but it’s not until both discover Tony’s past that peace can be restored.

Evans has a fantastic descriptive writing style, the words were transformed from the pages and acted out in my imagination; even down to when two of the characters (Tony and his great aunt Dinah) have a birthday picnic and they’re munching on bread, ham and tomatoes – I could taste the freshness of those home grown tomatoes and imagine what a delicious treat that must have been in war time.

You all know that I’m a massive fan of books that are set over a varied timeframe, I really am a sucker for piecing together all of the events so I can understand the bigger picture. Evans has a fantastic knack of knowing how long to stay in the current era before diving forwards or backwards, I was utterly enthralled.

As adults, Cord needs to reflect on events from when Ben, herself and Mads were younger adults and in discovering Mads’ diary, she is able to examine the impact her actions had on others.

Each character has their own unique backstory and with the perfect scenic backdrop, this book deserves to be centre stage in this summer’s picks.

The Wildflowers is out now on eBook and the paperback version will be out on Thursday 5th April by Headline!

Many thanks to Becky at Headline for providing me with a copy to review, it was beautifully wrapped and I adored the handwritten note!

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The Shark Club

If you don’t even read this entire review, just read this next line…


If you do have time to read the detailed review, carry on…

As a child, Maeve had her leg bitten by a black tip shark, leaving her with a permanent scar on her leg. For most people, fear would take over and they would never enter the sea again. Not for Maeve. Having lost her parents at a young age, she seems to have a surprising ability to embrace change and tackle her fears. Fast-forward to Maeve as an adult and we find that she is a marine biologist, itching to explore the wonders of sharks across the world.

Research trips mean Maeve never seems to settle and her past relationships have suffered greatly, including her first love – Daniel. Maeve struggles to get Daniel out of her head, even after all these years, but he’s moved on and has his own family now.

During a research trip in Bimini; The Bahamas, Maeve meets Nicholas – a marine biologist specialising in rays, although they manage to remain professional for the diving trips, the romance is bubbling away in the background and comes to boil on the last night.

Returning to her hometown for some downtime between research trips; where Maeve lives in a hotel owned by her Aunt Perri and ran by her brother Robin, Maeve suffers three shocks:

  1. Daniel is back and working as the head chef in the hotel restaurant – single and accompanied by his adorable daughter; Hazel, who is obsessed with sharks
  2. Her brother is about to be a published author – the problem: the main character seems to be shaped on Maeve and her disastrous love life
  3. Over a hundred shark fins have been found in a truck – illegal finning is happening in the area

Maeve is up against the people that love sharks for the money that their fins provide, rather than their beauty and unique place in the ocean ecosystem. Can her passion help her find out who is behind the finning?

There are a surprising amount of twists that will creep up on you (as silent as a shark approaching!) in this plot which has the perfect balance of romance and the sheer passion an individual can have towards something. Not only will this book get you heated up about shark welfare, it will remind you how important it is to follow your heart – very calming and thought provoking.

With characters ranging over a wide age group, Ann’s ability to dial into each characters’ thoughts and opinions on a range of topics, and make them seem so natural, deserves wide recognition. With hidden feelings explored, I was able to analyse the true source of Maeve’s emotions and feel a connection to my fictional friend.  This is an author who knows how to write a good story: one that you’ll remember because of its quirks; one that you’ll recommend because of the main character and one that will leave you craving a holiday!

And I nearly forgot to mention the best bit, the love for books radiates from the pages of this tale, the book themed hotel is a bookworm’s paradise!

The Shark Club will be published and out to buy in paperback on Thursday 22 February by Headline

Many thanks to Headline for providing me with a copy to review through bookbridgr, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to discover so many new authors and spectacular plots.

Until next time, Chloé x

Crimson & Bone

I will start with an apology: I’m sorry this review isn’t as good as usual. I can’t express to you how much I loved this book but when it came to writing a review, I really struggled to find the right words! Words like “JUST READ IT”, “AMAZING” and “TOOK ME BY SURPRISE”, popped into my head, but when it came to writing some further analysis of the plot and writing style, I was stumped. Does this happen to any of my fellow bloggers? I find it most frustrating; particularly as it usually happens to books that I have absolutely adored and therefore I am disappointed that my review isn’t screaming out how good it is!

Enough. I have apologised. Onto the review…

I was obsessed with this book and could not put it down!

Annie is about to take her life on the Waterloo Bridge, she’s lost everything – her flat and her best friend; with no money and a determination to not work on the streets again – Annie believes death is the only way.

Until a handsome stranger stops her and offers her a new life. Straight away I was suspicious, why would a young rich gentleman bring a penniless prostitute into his house? What is he after?

It appears at first that he wants to use Annie as his new muse, for Francis is an artist, with a piece currently in the London Royal Academy and after more fame.

Annie is willing to pose for his paintings and who can blame her? Francis has given her a warm place to live, clothes, food, money, books… everything she could ever imagine.

Francis looks at Annie with such adoration… and yet, he isn’t interested in her romantically – why?

I was completely under the spell of this plot; it was dark and endearing, to the point that I yearned to find out more about Francis. The tension of a hidden motive sizzled in the background of every page.

Fiorato’s writing style is incredible; every part of this plot draws you in.

If you are a fan of the thriller genre, you will absolutely love this book!

Thank you Hodder & Stoughton for providing me with a copy through bookbridgr, I am so grateful that you introduced me to a fantastic author

The paperback version is out this Thursday (8th February) so go and add it to your wish-lists NOW!

Until next time, Chloé x

Friend Request

After seeing all the fantastic reviews on this book from my fellow bloggers, it was no surprise that it ended up in my basket!

Louise receives a friend request from Maria on Facebook, seems pretty standard stuff? Except it’s not, Maria died over twenty five years ago, so how could she be on Facebook. When Louise clicks on the request, she sees a photo of Maria from school time, the last time she was alive.

As the past collides with the present, Louise must confront an event that has haunted her for many years.

This was a gripping and breakthrough psychological thriller for a new author. Marshall has created a plot that is hauntingly good and packed full of twists.

From the very start, it is clear that Louise is very regretful of her past but it is unclear what she did, and this kept me turning the pages trying to find the connection to the sordid night.

Lots of key players start to enter the scene; people from the past and the ‘now’, and I was constantly reading into their words to see if Marshall had planted any seeds. I think having “an excellent twist” quoted on the front cover, meant my awareness was even more heightened… I knew a twist was coming, but could I guess it before it revealed itself? Evidently not… although I had some fantastic ideas of ‘whodunnit’, I had failed to guess the true perpetrator!

I really warmed to Louise, she seemed to have grown so much since her school years and matured into someone that would be classed as a ‘good person’; although when she starts lying to the police my thoughts waivered.

It became obvious that although Louise regrets her school-girl days, she isn’t willing to make amends. And that is what the person behind Maria’s Facebook account is after – the truth out.

If your mind is after a psychological work out – this book will do the trick!

Until next time, Chloé x

Dandy Gilver & A Spot Of Toil and Trouble

Dandy and Alec have been tempted to Castle Bewer to search for the family treasures.

When they arrive, it’s time for the two detectives to get their thinking caps on and uncover the lost jewel – The Cut Throat – a stunning ruby necklace.

With all great plots, a task is never as simple as it seems, and Dandy and Alex have to be careful of their surroundings. The Bewer family are hosting a group of actors and actresses who have come to perform a Shakespearean play to the public. With more people coming and going; the pair have to keep their wits about them, as they watch and listen for those who show too much interest in their case.

With interviews and a good hunt of the castle, Dandy begins piecing together the colourful past of this necklace, which seems to be connected to a family member who fled the castle years ago. Alec is sure the truth lies within the words, they have already heard…

But then the Bewers makes an announcement to the public, that puts a spanner in Dandy and Alec’s case…

Dandy is a fabulous main character with the most enjoyable type of personality – smart and witty. She has such a dependable and reassuring presence, with her ability to solve problems… even in the middle of the night when a ‘ghost’ appears. I loved following her thought process, I really felt like I was figuring out the case alongside her.

The whole story has been written beautifully with the perfect nod towards the traditions in the 1930s – meaning the book will appeal to fans of historical fiction and also to detective lit lovers!

It had the light heartedness of an Agatha Raisin plot, the calming thoroughness of Father Brown plots and, with plot twists galore it’s worthy of sitting on your bookshelf with all the great detectives.

Charming and utterly compelling – I recommend you give this a go!

Thanks to Hodder & Stoughton for sending me a copy through bookbridgr

Publication date is just around the corner – next Thursday (8th February)!

Until next time, Chloé x

The Feed

Having just finished this book, I’m still in the process of detangling my thoughts on it all. I love books that plant a message in the reader’s mind.

‘The feed’ gives you access to knowledge, your own memories and other people’s memories. It’s like having the internet directly in your mind, access to your photos and others’, past events and unlimited Wikipedia. I can imagine how difficult it would be to lose access to my laptop, iPad and iPhone right now, but could I survive?

This book allows you to imagine what it would be like to be even further dependent on technology and to lose it. Imagine storing all your thoughts on the ‘cloud’ and not being gable to access them. Imagine libraries being something so in the past that you don’t have access to knowledge of engineering, medical science and all the other stuff we just take for granted. That’s what happened.

Except I nearly missed out the scary bit – you can’t sleep unwatched. When you’re asleep, you’re a target. Your mind can be taken over by ‘others’. No one quite knows who the ‘others’ are…

Join Tom and Kate as they survive post ‘the feed’; watching over others as they sleep and creating a new life.

But with any good thriller, life is never plain sailing for the main characters; people are taken, ideas don’t take off as expected and strangers mean danger.

When Tom and Kate’s daughter is kidnapped leaving the safety of the camp becomes their only option…

It’s not my usual genre, but nevertheless this book had some key aspects that I always enjoy: shocking plot twists and complex characters. The twists were always carefully executed and the background to the key characters was so wonderfully engineered, allowing the plot to slot into place and make perfect sense.

The book dives straight into this futuristic world, so paying attention is crucial to getting up to speed with how the world has changed.

I loved NCW’s realistic writing style, the brutal honesty of the characters’ thoughts painted a scenario that felt so tangible. The second half of the book is where the plot really opened up and it was difficult to prise the book out of my hand!

The book hit stores only two days ago (Thursday 25th January), so I recommend you show this book some well deserved love!

Thank you so much Caitlin at Headline for sending me a copy – this is my way of saying thanks – an honest review!

Until next time, Chloé x